This blog is a demo installation for Envision, a Ghost Theme developed for Aftertype, a site dedicated to offer tools and resources for Ghost.

What is Ghost?

Ghost is an Open Source Blogging Platform focused on the publishing experience. With a clean, beautiful and effective design, Ghost lets you manage your content really easy, and with multi-user support, it allows you to invite more users to contribute in your blog.

With a Markdown syntax editor, the writing experience is fast and delightful.

If you aren't publishing using Ghost, you should try it! The official site of Ghost.org has a hosting service that offers a free trial to get you started.

Where does Aftertype fit in this?

Aftertype is a dedicated site to develop applications and utilities to help bloggers that use the Ghost platform in adding functionality and services without the need of coding skills, and more importantly, without modifying the nature and publishing experience of Ghost.

It aims to handle hard integrations for you like a breeze.

More time creating, less time configuring